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In this heartwarming and empowering coming-of-age RPG, explore the young minds of a group of ragtag friends as they uncover magic, mayhem, monsters, and find themselves along the way. Join Erika, Viva, Cap as they fall into the mystical book of Caldria and explore the dynamic and vibrant world around them. 

Have a hand in how the character’s personalities change and evolve as the game progresses. Will Erika become a better leader by listening to her friends? Will Viva be able to transform from someone full of self-doubt to self-confidence? Will Cap be able to muster up the courage to stay in Caldria and help Erika find her missing brother? And will these three high school misfits become confident in who they are and be able to work together as a team?

How the characters defeat the vicious monsters, and the decisions you make about the personality flaws they possess, play a critical role as to who the characters become.

Immerse yourself in the rich narrative,while battling dark forces in strategic turn-based combat, and rescuing friends who need your help. After thoughtfully selecting your items and weapons from the shop, increase your skills and level up your combat effectiveness. 

With plenty of strategic depth and striking visuals, Grifford Academy is an uplifting adventure about feeling lost, the impact and importance of friendship, and the powerful journey to self-empowerment and self-discovery.


“It all started when I introduced Dungeons and Dragons to my kids. Seeing their wide, excited eyes as they went on whimsical adventures, rescuing dragons and catching giant chickens, it inspired me to bring this experience to the next level of immersion – the medium of video games.

This game is a love letter to my kids. I hope the story of Erika and her friends serves as a gentle guide for anyone finding their way around the frustratingly perplexing, yet beautiful world that is the teenage mind.”

Paul Naylor, Founder of LandShark Games


A compelling coming-of-age story
Follows a coming-of-age and empowering journey of 3 ragtag teenagers for an enriching family-friendly experience.

Character evolution & player engagement
The Player has an active and engaging role in seeing the character’s personality grow and evolve as the game progresses.

Self-discovery, and friendship
An immersive narrative where characters learn to value and nurture one another’s strengths.

An accessible RPG
No steep or intimidating learning curve with an intuitive combat system that allows for quick and deep immersion.

Equally satisfying combat & narrative
Grifford provides satisfying combat with an engaging store experience while creating memorable characters and meaningful story.




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We are LandShark Games, a Singapore-based games development studio, creator of the Facebook game Aviator, Monster Candy and the popular Zen Koi series featured on the Apple App Store and Google Play.


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