With its cozy and sleepy vibes, Sonnuri is the starting village where you will meet Floyd the Artificer and Sylvie the Herbalist.

This rural village has a small bakery, a tool maker, an artificer, but no bustling taverns. Villagers get their weapons through traveling salesmen. Houses are low framed, made of wood and hay. 

Tucked just behind a large forest which separates it from other villages, a small road runs from the village through the forest, and then branches off into the main travel road. The village is nested in a valley which provides natural protection.

As the village is situated in a secluded valley, there is enough space for livestock grazing, but the village central is clustered together between a green pasture valley and the thick forests. Simple farming tools like rakes can be found lying around, and a small, humble well provides water for the entire village.